Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Merchant du Vin beer and cheese tasting Monday, November 19 at NABC.

Thanks to the efforts of Tisha Dean, our diligent local sales representative for World Class Beverages, there’ll be a beer and cheese tasting in NABC’s Prost special events wing on Monday night, November 19.

While Tisha remains in the process of rounding up suitable cheeses (we’re hoping these will be primarily local), the beer lineup, which is drawn entirely from the portfolio of Merchant du Vin, is ready for sampling.

Ayinger Braü Weisse
A classic Bavarian-style wheat ale with the typical balance between fruity esters and clove.

Green’s Quest Tripel Ale
Gluten-free, vegan ale; contract brewed in Belgium by DeProef, and never before tasted by the Publican.

Lindemans Cassis
The least sweet of the Lindemans fruit lambic range retains a hint of funk and a powerful black currant punch.

Orval Trappist Ale
This quirky standard bearer from Belgium’s prettiest Trappist monastery has English antecedents and is dry-hopped, with the suggestion of a sliver of wild yeast adding to the fun.

Samuel Smith Winter Welcome Ale
Tadcaster’s brownish-amber seasonal ritual is a silky and rich ale for cooler weather.

Traquair House Ale
Strong ale along the lines of barley wine, brewed in an old Scottish place and hinting at peat.

Zatec Bright Lager
Textbook hop-accented Czech lager, known everywhere except the Czech Republic as a “pilsner” style.

To defray the cost of the cheeses, we’re asking for a $10 cover, and the starting time is 6:30 p.m. To RSVP, contact me at the e-mail address in my blogger profile.

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