Monday, July 23, 2007

NABC's beers (and artwork) were big hits at the Indiana Microbrewers Festival last weekend.

I’m still clearing my head after Saturday’s power-packed Indiana Microbrewers Festival, so heartfelt thanks to the Indiana Beer website for linking to the entertaining reviews offered at the Hoosier Beer Geek blog, which I’ve (embarrassingly and belatedly) added to the list of links here at Potable Curmudgeon.

But first, from the thread about the event at Beer Advocate:

Indiana Microbrew Festival and rick flair and awards

Most excellent use of a bourbon barrel goes to Larry bell and his jolly gang ...

Another one that you pray for brewery only bottles was the barrel aged cherry stout from bells... that too gets a rick flair woooo...the double cream/expedition blend was awesome

just behind the bells ba cherry was the thunderfoot, not to be forgotten or diminished... that was a standup beer by a sit down brewery...


Shifting back to Hoosier Beer Geek, which boasts a team of five beer lovers, here are the NABC name checks, with other useful information about the festival also included.

Kelly selected the three best places for great brewery swag at the Festival.

3) Bell's Brewery - free stickers and buttons!
Yesterbeer - awesome t-shirt designs from brewers of yore.
New Albanian - the New Albanian designs were OUTSTANDING... worth a road trip alone.


Along with many others, Jason loved the Bell's Bourbon Barrel Double Cream Stout/Expedition Stout Blend, and went on to say:

There were many other new-to-me beers that I enjoyed as well, including New Albaniam's Hoptimus, Schmaltz He'Brew's Lennys RIPA, Founders Space Mountain Brown Ale, and Three Floyd's Dark Lord Russian Stout.


Chris picked three favorite beers:

3. "Angry Mellon" from Brugge - I think Jim gives you the real name, but it was tough enough for me to remember the top secret code name.

2. "Hoptimus" by New Albanian - I rated this #1 at Brew-Ha-Ha, and if not for Nick Floyds 4pm tapping special, it would have been #1 again. This is just a damn fine beer. I was even going to buy a t-shirt (but for some reason unbeknownst to me, breweries don't make t-shirts that accommodate beer bellies!).

1. "Dark Lord" from Three Floyds - First, thanks to part-owner Mike DeWeese for your part in our ability to quickly sample Dark Lord. Very appropriate to try this dastardly offering on the day of that the last stand of the dark Lord Voldemort hits bookshelves. If this is what evil tastes like, screw The Force - sign me up Lord Vader!


Jim’s “best of” list was a bit more expansive:

We saw a few football-beer drinkers in need of some beer education (said one woman after tasting Three Floyds' Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout: "Ew! That's gross!"). We picked up some very cool stuff (for me, a New Albanian t-shirt). We hung out with the crazy folks from the Good Beer Show. And, we tasted lots and lots of beer.

5. Diamond Kings of Heaven -
Brugge Brasserie.

Thunderfoot Cherry Imperial Stout - New Albanian Brewing Company. One of several excellent imperial stouts that we sampled on the day. Dark brown, small tan head, rich coffee-cherry flavor. I'm not a fan of fruity beers, but this beer had just a tiny hint of cherry, which made for pleasant drinking. New Albanian is quickly becoming one of my favorite Indiana breweries. Their Hoptimus could easily have ended up in my top 5, but I decided to leave it out since I made it my top choice for the Brew-Ha-Ha.

He'Brew Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A. - Shmaltz Brewing Company.

Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout - Three Floyds Brewing Company.

1. Bourbon Barrel Double Cream/Expedition Stout Blend - Bell's Brewery.

A quick note to Indianapolis area readers: NABC actually brought a shade more beer to each of the past two festivals (Brew-Ha-Ha and the Indiana Microbrewers Festival) than in 2006, when supplies were sufficient, but in both cases this year, increased attendance and word-of-mouth popularity caused us to deplete far too early. Apologies; we're among the smaller breweries at these events, and we always try to bring as much as we can spare, but sometimes it isn't enough. We're trying to adjust and pack enough to go around in 2008. As always, thanks for the wonderful reception ... and see you all next year.

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The Original BBC Brewmaster said...

Congratulations to the NABC staff.

I missed this years fest (again) but got positive reports from Joel & John. I found a wayward growler of Thunderfoot in the brewery fridge, yummy.