Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Velocity's Bar Hopper finds Cumberland Brews to her liking, and I agree.

Last week’s Velocity contained yet another article about a local brewpub that was written knowingly by a writer, Joanna Richards, who obviously “gets it,” a facet of the publication’s beer coverage that, shall we gently note, hasn’t always been in evidence.

Velocity Bar Hopper visits Cumberland Brews

With great beer, a cozy atmosphere and food I'd eat even if I weren't drinking, Cumberland Brews is one of my favorite hangouts in town.

The place seems designed to facilitate intelligent conversation in rooms that feel like inviting dens with rich colors, low lighting and solid wooden furniture -- it's a country inn for Bardstown Road wanderers.

Kudos to the Allgeier family and brewer Matt Gould for helping to establish Cumberland Brews as a Louisville institution.

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