Thursday, July 05, 2007

Relative calm before the deluge ... good or bad?

For me, the coming weekend currently is open, and that’s good, because eight out of the following nine are booked with one activity or another, most revolving around beer, beer festivals and beer advocacy.

Before you say it: Yes, I understand that I’m fortunate to have a “dream job” that allows me to drink and talk beer (somewhat) for a living. At the same time, it’s a full contact sport and can be tiring all the same.

In addition, the period that begins today and ends on August 6 is one of uncertainty for NABC and any other Southern Indiana business that relies in any degree on traffic from Louisville, because for the next month the waterfront stretch of I-64 is closed entirely for repairs. No one is quite sure what effect this will have, although my sense is that many of our Louisville customers come to us via I-65, and that the downtown New Albany bar and eateries serving NABC beer will be hurt worse than we will.

(Go here to learn why I-64 should be refashioned, not expanded: 8664 - (Take back the riverfront)

On the other hand, if Hoosiers decide to stay closer to home to avoid the commuting hassles, then we all may do better in the end. Verily, it’s a coin flip at this point.

Let’s take a brief look at the next two main events on the calendar, beginning with Saturday, July 14, when we’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sportstime Pizza with a party in Prost. There’ll be food and beer specials and music, including the rumored comeback of Roz Tate.

Sportstime Pizza will be 20 years old on July 14, and we're having a party.

Then, thinking ahead another week, if you’ve ever wanted to attend the annual Brewers of Indiana Guild festival at Broad Ripple (Saturday, July 21) but didn’t feel like driving to Indianapolis and back, rejoice, because Professor Gesser is on your side.

Rick and Jeff Tours: Buses to the Indiana Microbrewers Festival and Cubs vs. Reds in Cincy.

This is a great, pain-free deal for gaining access to Indiana’s prime festival, and I hope to see many readers from the Louisville area there.

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Tovrax said...

The 8664 project is a lost cause.

The KDOT made its mind up about this probably 10 years ago.

If the group had existed then, they might have been able to alter the plans.

At this point in time, the plans are already in place, drawings have been completed, and engineers have been toiling away trying to finish the design. Lot's of money $40 million (our taxes) has already been spent to make the Ohio River Bridges a reality.

Let me put it into NABC terms: 8664 is essentially demanding KDOT to make a few hundred barrels of Community Dark, when the KDOT already has a large quantity of Hoptimus that is being conditioned. 8664 wants them to essentially flush all the Hoptimus down the drain, citing that "the public" won't drink it. "It's too hoppy."

Look at their webpage. The first thing they try to do is convince you that a choice can still be made. "We are at a crossroads" is their main headlines.

The KDOT thinks otherwise, and they are the ones who already have spent a lot of taxes studying this project. The Federal Highway Administration already approved the $2.5 Billion project after an extensive Environmental Impact Statement that took five years to produce ending with a Record of Decision in 2003.

Meanwhile 8664 suggests, in their frequently asked questions, that "A comprehensive traffic study should be conducted to evaluate the 8664 plan."

While I understand what they want to do, and why they want to do it, they obviously don't understand how much money it would cost to fund such a "comprehensive" study, especially considering one has already been paid for by the taxpayers.