Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bluegrass Brewing Company reviewed in Saturday's C-J.

Bluegrass Brewing Company (Shelbyville Road brewpub, not the Main & Clay micro) was reviewed in last Saturday’s Louisville Courier-Journal:

Bluegrass Brewing Company: Beer's world class; food, not so much, by Marty Rosen (Special to The Courier-Journal).

Only two stars? Marty’s thoughts prompted a discussion at the Louisville Restaurants Forum after host Robin Garr differed with the C-J free lancer’s take on BBC:

CJ on BBC: Five yard penalty for unnecessary roughness.

Throughout BBC’s 14-year history, there have been frequent changes in direction in the kitchen, and it seems to this writer that in recent years matters have settled into a comfortable pub grub groove – neither high cuisine nor Rally’s, but somewhere in the middle. Know that I have a deep respect for Marty’s skills and erudition, and note only that what is true in beer judging applies in this instance as well: One rates the beer based on what it is trying to be rather than what you want it to be (or wish it was).

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