Thursday, June 07, 2007

Velocity's "Bar Hopper" on NABC.

It’s not exactly a secret that I’ve given Velocity, the Louisville Courier-Journal’s brightly colored and scantily worded mock-alternative weekly, quite a hard time at numerous past junctures.

When last we peeked into the world of Velocity, the Courier-Journal’s weekly ad-driven alternative wannabe corporate paean to cluelessness as a demographic preference – a place where relevance crawls off to die – it really wasn’t pretty.

My previous gibes were entirely merited, because apart from other complaints pertaining to Velocity’s aura of marketing-first, knowledge-a-distant-second approach to its primarily youthful readership, I’ll simply say that its coverage of beer has been inadequate.

Perpetual curmudgeonly probation aside, New Albanian Brewing Company made the cut for this week’s “Bar Hopper” column, and to give the devil his due, it’s a very good piece about my business.

Velocity’s Joanna Richards on NABC

I find myself wondering how many people will read the review, drive to New Albany in search of NABC, and only belatedly realize that NABC and Rich O’s are the same establishment … and that we actually have our own house beer? These facts are duly noted within the column, but often it doesn't matter.

Thanks to Ms. Richards. You did good work.

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