Thursday, June 14, 2007

St. Louis Microfest wrap-up: Praise for NABC's brew crew.

Regular readers will recall that NABC’s Jesse Williams, Jared Williamson and Richard Atnip made the drive to St. Louis for last weekend’s 12th Annual St. Louis Microfest.

Back in New Albany, I received a text message from Jared at 6:10 p.m.:

40 gallons in 4 hrs. 1st out of beer.

Sounded like a success to me, and then came another text:

2 silvers: mens and womens choice – Hoptimus.

Even better. It turns out that a “fan voting” is conducted, and Hoptimus was the second favorite of males and females. Since a different beer was the “gold” in each category, that would seem to make Hoptimus the highest vote getter and overall choice of the fest goers. In this vein, the brew crew might enjoy reading this endorsement from a Beer Advocate correspondent:

Forgot to mention that New Albanian once again stole the show. Great cherry imperial stout, Hoptimus IIPA, Kentucky Common (sour ale), CA common (grassy as can be CA common) and Imperial Pilsner. I have to take a road trip to their brewery as some point - killer quality from these guys. They got two silver metals - I'm not sure what for since they couldn't even tell me what they won them for. Long day, lots of beer, who can blame them for not knowing.

Well, 40 gallons in four hours at a couple ounces a throw would give anyone temporary amnesia. Here’s another nice comment that arrived via e-mail:

I tasted your beer again this year at the STL Microfest, you guys are excellent. You brew a "brewers" brew. Excellent, really great beers, my favorite at the festival.

My purpose in recounting the St. Louis experience is to make sure that Jesse and Jared get the credit they deserve. I realize that sometimes this isn’t the case, as the Publican has been known to attract a disproportional amount of attention and to suck all the air out of big rooms.

However, I understand that our future growth as a company is highly likely to come from the brewhouse far more so than the other things we do as a business, so kudos to the brewers. You’ll be hearing more about them in the months to come.


antzman said...

Congratulations to Jared and Jesse. I've told them on several occasions my great appreciation of the Thunderfoot Stout.

We might have to do a fan vote at next year's Fest of Ale. Bring that Thunderfoot again, and I might have to stuff the ballot box...

bluegill said...

If you need help filling out the ballots, just let me know.

All the brews have been collectively impressive but the Thunderfoot is exceptional.

TedF said...

Thunderfoot is my number 1 as well. I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it.