Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An accolade for Rich O's Public House: RateBeer's Best Beer Bar list "gold" for 2007.

Something akin to a press release ...

Rich O’s Public House has achieved gold status for the second consecutive year in RateBeer’s annual list of Best Beer Bars. According to the popular web site’s 2007 rankings, we finished in sixth place out of 93 establishments worldwide that were awarded gold certification.

I'm a realist, and grains of salt always come in handy at times like this, but it's very flattering just the same, and we’re sincerely appreciative of the honor. The list in its entirety can be viewed here: Best Beer Bars 2007. I've been to some of the other gold-medal beer bars mentioned, and they're high-powered, indeed.

For those just tuning in:

Rich O’s Public House, founded in 1990, is the pub arm of the New Albanian Brewing Company, which also incorporates Sportstime Pizza, which predates the Public House by three years and will be celebrating its 20th anniversary later this summer on July 14. The pub and pizzeria offer 34 taps pouring NABC house beers and rotating guest beers from America and around the world; 650+ beers have been on tap at one time or another since 1987. The bottle list includes 225+ hand-selected brands of beer, cider and mead. Our food menu specializes in pizza, lasagna, sandwiches and salads.

RateBeer is an on-line forum for beer drinkers to exchange information and share opinions of beer. In addition, users can write opinions of cider, mead and sake. RateBeer has more than 1,112,000 ratings, lists nearly 60,000 beers from 7,270 breweries, and has grown to become the largest beer information web site in the world in addition to serving as a forum for discussions about the craft brewing industry (the preceding is courtesy of Wikipedia).

Thanks to Steve Hall for tipping me. Crossposted at NA Confidential for maximum propaganda value.


antzman said...


Once again, congratulations. The accolades are well earned, and we in the area are truly lucky to have an establishment like yours in business. Keep up the great work.

The New Albanian said...


Thanks, and speaking of classy dives, can you give us a wrap-up of the Fest of Ales this year? I hard numerous good comments, and attendance definitely appeared to be up.

antzman said...

I'll email something to you soon. Its funny, a week later, and in talking to people, that rain storm has turned into the storm of the century. Think of a ship at sea and the captain ties himself to the mast so he won't get washed overboard to keep steering the ship.

The Original BBC Brewmaster said...

At the brewery we lash ourselves to a 60 bbl. fermenter in close proximity to the zwieckel.