Sunday, June 10, 2007

Anyone interested in a Schneider reception in Indy on Tuesday?

To paraphrase Lt. Col. Henry Blake, it really gripes my cookies not to live in a civilized part of the world.

I’ll explain that in a moment. First, here’s the pretext for my annoyance – and make no mistake, it’s consummately civilized and something I’d like very much to attend. Getting there is my problem.

This email is to inform you all of a special Schneider Brewery Customer Appreciation Event that Cavalier Distributing has planned. I know that calendars get filled quickly, so please mark your calendars on June 12th for this event.

Susi Hecht, the Export Manager for Schneider Brewery, is coming to the United States and making a one day stop here in Indianapolis on Tuesday June 12th. Along with B. United, Cavalier Distributing will be hosting a Schneider Brewery Customer Appreciation Event at the Rathskeller that Tuesday evening. The event will run from 7 pm - 9 pm with a presentation from Susi around 7:30. Try to arrive by 7:30 for the presentation if possible.

We will provide Schneider Edel-Weiss (Schneider's organic wheat beer) on draft complimentary through the evening for everyone. Additionally, we will be sampling out the other Schneider beers in their portfolio. Susi Hech from Schneider and David Frost from B. United will be there along with the Cavalier staff to lend their expertise. Along with the beer there will be complimentary hors’d oeuvres provided as well.

This event is a way of thanking you for your business and providing a very rare educational experience from one of the most respected breweries in Germany and the world.

To our knowledge this is Susi Hecht's first visit to Indiana, and with her expertise we hope to provide a great event for all of you.

Granted, by American standards Indianapolis isn’t a great distance away from New Albany. It’s roughly an hour and a half each way.

However, knowing that if we were in Bavaria, where Schneider is located, and could simply board one of many frequent trains to make the trip and not worry about driving … as in fact we could have done one hundred years ago right here in Indiana … quite simply causes me to regret my choice of nationality.

Anyone up for a road trip on Tuesday?

NABC’s buying the gasoline.


antzman said...

All I need is for someone to create the 5-6 hours that I would need to get up there, enjoy some beer, then get back.... can anyone time travel?

The New Albanian said...

C'mon Todd -- when has the continuum stopped you before?