Sunday, November 12, 2006

UPDATED: BARD is underway and my eyes are killing me.

(Tuesday, November 15 update: The verified total has climbed close to 600, probably in the 570 range, and yesterday I began the truly messy task of hitting those musty old banker's boxes in search of ancient documents - RAB)

Last night, BARD was started. I've been wanting to undertake the project for quite some time, and finally the bug bit. Here's a brief description:

This is a long-term archival and archaeological project to match recollections with invoices and other evidence, and to assemble a master list of draft beers served at the Public House and Pizzeria since 1990. Currently BARD is under construction.

How many different beers have been on tap at my establishment since we began? This has been the subject of much bar debate, and although I won't pretend that the final tally will be 100% accurate, I've determined to get as close as possible.

So, last night I began going over records from 2001 to 2005, supplemented by some other remembrances and a fairly exhaustive list of NABC (35) and Rogue (45) beers ... and the current tally is 424.

I don't think it will reach 1,000, but somewhere in the 600's is possible.

More later. Stay tuned.


David R. Pierce said...

I hope you are using a CSV dBase format so the data will be readily available in a searchable format.

Great acronym, reminds me of my Natural Guard days. The milatary comes up with acronyms for everything. A Mnemonic device. We all used a popular acronym, AFA, which means Another Fucking Acronym.

antzman said...

My old days with AT&T and Lucent let me know that the Telecom industry might be right there with the military. Some of my favorites were acronyms that had acronyms in them. We actually had a telecom acronym dictionary to help keep things straight. The dictionary was over 200 pages, just of acronyms.

smoosh said...

Would it be too much to ask for you to add the dates that you had these?

The New Albanian said...

Perhaps approximate dates, i.e., years.