Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday ponderings.

I may begin taking Sundays off. From writing, that is.

After all, the business is closed on Sunday. I should take at least one day a week and reboot, right? The proposal's before the committee. An alternative would be to "rewind," rather like the Best of Carson and similar space-fillers.

It's worth noting that at Mrs. Curmudgeon's suggestion, we've begun blocking time on Sunday evenings to watch DVD reruns of the long-running television series "Cheers" in chronological order, beginning with the first season, circa 1982.

Perhaps you'll get episode reviews in this space.


antzman said...

Maybe like Carson, on an off-day you could allow a special guest blogger to help fill the space. Let someone submit a piece to you, and if it meets your approval, post it.

smoosh said...

Todd - is that an offer?