Thursday, November 02, 2006

Attention homebrewers: For a limited time, you too can brew with Rogue’s Pacman yeast.

Regular readers know that I’m fond of Rogue Ales, and made an excellent pilgrimage to the brewery in Newport, Oregon in April along with my pal Graham.

A handful of beers were consumed … each hour.

While perusing the brewery’s website, I saw this notice. It’s somewhat old news, but still good news for local homebrewers.

Rogue's Pacman Ale Yeast (TM) Is Available to Homebrewers until December 31, 2006!

John Maier, Brewmaster at Rogue Ales has generously agreed to release his proprietary Pacman Ale Yeast (TM) to the homebrewing community. This special Pacman release distributed by Wyeast, is packaged for 5-gallon batches and available from select homebrew retailers, but only until December 31, 2006!

"Pacman is really great yeast; everything about it is good. Pacman attenuates well, is alcohol tolerant, and it produces beers with no diacetyl if the beer is well made. It's very flocculent, which makes it a great choice for bottle conditioning. I ferment almost all my beers at 60 deg. F; once in a while for certain styles I'll ferment as high as 70 deg. F, but never higher. Use lots of oxygen, and a high pitch rate. I never repitch past the 6th generation, and I always use Wyeast Yeast Nutrient."- John Maier, Brewmaster, Rogue Ales.

I'll always remember Jim Cline pointing to the temperature gauges and noting that John Maier is prone to experimenting a bit at the lower end of the 60 degree range.

I see Rogue Pacman Yeast listed in the inventory at Great Fermentations in Indianapolis, but not at Wine & Beermakers Supply in Louisville.

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