Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Flashback: Letting the pints speak ... in 1994.

Have 12 years passed since Karl set the all-time single session Guinness pint consumption record at Rich O's Public House?

Was it real, or a dream?

Does he really want me putting this on the Internet?

I guess we'll see. Of course, he wasn't driving on that far-off day/night, and to be truthful, we really don't condone this sort of activity ... but it seemed like fun at the time.

It probably accounted for a monthly mortgage payment, come to think of it. Posted by Picasa


David R. Pierce said...

I remember that. What ever happened to Karl?

edward parish said...

He got married?

The New Albanian said...

He got married and settled into a comfortable suburban existence with a job at an American subsidiary of Michelin.

But I've not seen him lately -- perhaps six or so months.

antzman said...

At least he survived drinking the 18 pints.

edward parish said...

Will you be posting the RichO's photo of the brewcyclist next?

BrewCyclist said...

Easy there big fella