Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jealousy rages as Big Kim conquers Bamberg - again.

Many of you know Kim Andersen, my globetrotting pal of long standing, who has been thriving on the ground floor of the recent Danish craft beer explosion and never misses a chance to do, ahem, field research in other parts of Europe.

A week ago I began receiving hourly text messages attesting to Kim's progress as he returned to my adored Bamberg to monitor the quality of the city's numerous local beers and attend a bock beer unveiling at the hilltop Spezial Keller (i.e., beer garden).

The photos have begun trickling back. That's Kim, surrounded by nubile beer aficionados. Next is an aerial view of the festivities at the Spezial Keller. Finally, Kim and his fellow travelers (left) enjoy the bounties of the historic Schlenkerla tavern in the company of owner Matthias Trum (with his girlfriend, whom I've not met).

That's right. Those are smoked lager beers on the table. Aaarrgh.

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