Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fifteen years is enough.

I’m retiring my favorite beer glass.

It was purchased off the shelf at the Prior department store in Kosice, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia) in September, 1991, and taken to my room at the “hospital hotel,” where I resided during my months teaching English. Fortunately, an enterprising privatized neighborhood grocery was within easy walking distance, and I carried returnable bottles of Czech and Slovak lager back to the pad on a daily basis.

The mug got a workout and survived the journey home in 1992, taking up service as the preferred receptacle of choice within the walls of the five houses I’ve lived since, and throughout the lifespan of my business.

It now will occupy display space with another heirloom, the 1/3 liter Plzensky Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell) glass given to me by a taxi driver in 1987 after we completed a session at the now demolished pivnice across the street from the brewery in Plzen.

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smoosh said...

Any thoughts to its replacement or are you retiring, too?

Kelly said...

I have similar beer glass at home too. It reminds me Czech Republic, wonderful beer and funniest days in Prague. What is interesting that the Czech Republic is at world first place with sold beer in count to a citizen. It is 16 million hectoliters, 156, 5 liters to one person. But as brewing Czech beer industry says, 15-20 per cents of sold beer in Czech Republic is drunk by foreigners staying in Prague hotels during their visit of Prague and the Czech Republic. The quantity of a beer sold abroad in is also rising.