Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Our correspondent writes: "My first Miller High Life."

This is far too funny to let pass, but since I haven't asked permission to reprint it, names are being omitted to protect the identities of the writer and his buddy.

At any rate, my friend is now two steps ahead of me. I can't imagine attending a demolition derby or drinking a Miller High Life.


Hi all,

So there I was at Brews Cafe drinking IPA and bullshitting with the manager. Well he asked if Iwanted to go paint a car up for the Demolition Derby. I thought ... hmmm geeee I can go to the hotel and watch TV or go paint up car and hang out. Well off we go to go paint the car for the grand Demolition Derby.

For those of you that don't know, Granville, Ohio is a town of about 4000, very hilly, nice land. The town is in Licking County. So we hopped in a pickup truck (what else) and headed down a bunch of windy roads. We finally arrive to a nice 7 acre parcel. Ahhh and there it was a gutted Escort reading for the big race. There we were and I was handed a can of Miller High Life. I was told about the good white trash times in Licking County. I was ready and willing to pop the top of this can and see for myself.

After seeing the car transformn into a race ready machine, I had another can ... yes two. Then it was time to slime the tires ... I thought to myself "what the fuck is slime the tires". Boy I sure did learn a lot about life in Licking County Ohio.

And while the car was a blast and the countryside scenic, Miller High Life just sucked. Both times. Thank you for letting me voice my confession for my indulgence of this macro-lager.

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