Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pizzeria and pub door art.

Local sign painter Mike McKinley created these transfers for the entry doors to Sportstime Pizza and Rich O’s Public House.

Over time – as reflected by the wording on the doorways – it is our intention to redirect the identity of the company toward New Albanian Brewing Company, with an on-site pizzeria and pub, even if we have no desire to completely retire the “Sportstime” and “Rich O’s” identities.

That re-branding will be a very long time in coming, so feel free to call us whatever you wish, for as long as you wish.

The 20th anniversary of Sportstime Pizza will be in the summer of 2007, which also will mark my 15th year as a part of the business. Posted by Picasa


smoosh said...

Looks great, Rog!

The Homeroaster said...

Good beer needs good signs. Mike really did a nice job.