Monday, August 14, 2006

Bistro New Albany's draft beer selection.

Bistro New Albany's embryonic web site is up: Bistro New Albany.

The food's been good as ever (last Saturday night, the place was packed, but my blackened sirloin was perfectly prepared on the cool side of medium rare, and topped with a delicious heirloom tomato relish), and all ten taps are up and running.

As of this writing, the draft lineup looks something like this:

BBC Alt (or APA)
NABC Bob's Old 15-B
NABC Community Dark
NABC Croupier IPA
NABC Elector
NABC (rotating seasonal; currently Strathpeffer Heather)
Newcastle Brown
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Stella Artois
Upland Wheat

One of our longterm servers at NABC, Richard Atnip, has been pulling duty at the Bistro, and I'm told that he'll soon be assisting the Daves with the beer selection. That's good news.

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