Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Holy Grale is one of the best places in America for beer, but we didn't need click bait to know THAT.

I'll indulge this chain of busyness-oriented click bait for only one reason: Holy Grale deserves whatever notice it receives.

Holy Grale is a crown jewel of the Louisville beer scene.

Louisville beer bar ranked as one of best in U.S. for craft brews at Louisville Business First

Louisville's beer scene just keeps getting better. And now Business Insider has selected a local bar for its roundup of the best places for craft beer in America.

Curious about Business Insider? I was.

The New York Times reported in January 2014 that Business Insider's web traffic was comparable to that of The Wall Street Journal. However, the website has received widespread criticism for blatant clickbait and gets most of its "hits" from websites such as Yahoo News, where its articles are often posted. It has also been criticized for routinely putting publishing speed before fact checking.

It seems that click bait begets click bait. Forget the provocation, but remember to patronize Holy Grale early and often. It's been to damned long for me, and I hereby resolve to haul my posterior over there for a beer in the near future.


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