Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Diary: Huh? How many years?

I pay almost no attention to LinkedIn, and yet have more than 500 contacts.

Today, I received three notices of congratulation from LinkedIn contacts. I scratched my head. For what? Well, somewhere on my profile it says that May is my business anniversary, and upon reflection, it is ... and isn't.

June of 1992 is more accurate, but of course it's 23 years any way you cut it. Memorial Day weekend of '92 was the impetus for me to join the business now known as New Albanian Brewing Company, which itself dates to 1987. There it is.

Now more than ever, it all seems a bit mystifying. Still, throwing myself into the spirit of an anniversary that had eluded my gaze, tonight I celebrated with a growler of Beak's Best, a big sloppy plate of homemade nachos, and lots of throwback music from The Jam and Style Council.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my weird journey. How's the reinvention coming, anyway?

Wait -- wrong teleprompter.

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