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"Brewer Memo: Meet the Brewers of Indiana Guild team."

I've omitted phone numbers from the original release, but if you need to contact any of these folks, let me know and I'll pass along the number privately. Especially if you're in the Indiana brewing business, this is important information. Let me know what you need, and I'll provide the signposts. 


There is a lot happening at the Guild, so this month I’m introducing you to the home team!

We are one of very few guilds in the country with three full-time employees. Our festivals make that—and all of our programs—possible. You might only see us at fests and regional meetings, but rest assured that your team is on the job throughout the year to ensure that Indiana remains a fertile environment for industry growth and the elevation of our craft.

This month, we moved from our small, one-person office to a large suite of offices in the heart of Indianapolis. We hope you’ll take note of our new address:

1010 Central Avenue
Suite B (for beer!)
Indianapolis, IN 46202

We hope to see you here at a future committee meeting or regional gathering!

I hope you’re all enjoying the return of summer, and look forward to seeing you on July 18 at Indiana Microbrewers Festival or sooner.



Tristan, Iris and Lee.

Meet your staff…

Lee Smith
Executive Director

I became the Guild’s first full-time employee in January, 2012. Indiana had 39 breweries at the time. We have 105 today (with more in the wings), so part of my challenge has simply been to keep up with growth. Whew!

I grew up in Bloomington and graduated from IU. I distinguished myself in college by winning the all-campus sorority chugging championship. I refuse to tell you what kind of beer I was chugging.

After college, I spent 17 years as a flight attendant for American Airlines, flying throughout North America, the UK and Europe. My career has taken several interesting paths as I’ve followed my heart and done things that sparked my interest. While working as a flight attendant, I attended law school, worked in real estate and as a public defender. In 1998 I served as counsel to the Democratic caucus at the Indiana House of Representatives before being elected Principal Clerk of the House, where I served for four years. I was Donor Relations Officer at Indiana Landmarks before coming to the Guild.

I live in a 105 year old house in a cool urban neighborhood with my husband, Mark Webb (counsel and lobbyist to the Guild), our sons Tyler and Jimmy, two dogs and an emotionally disturbed cat.

Quirky fact: Kicked out of Girl Scouts!

Contact me:

Tristan Schmid
Communications Director

Since joining our staff almost one year ago, Tristan has professionalized and bumped-up the Guild’s visual image and electronic presence. “Communications” really means that Tristan oversees all marketing, public relations, merchandise, branding, social media and community outreach. He is a busy man!

Tristan grew up in Greenwood and graduated from Indiana University where he holds a Masters Degree in Media Arts & Science. Prior to joining the Guild staff in 2014, he was Communications and Marketing Director for the Humane Society of Indianapolis, a not-for-profit that cares for 10,000 homeless animals annually. Tristan founded Lead the Pack, a communications consulting firm, where he helped elevate the public profiles of many businesses, including breweries.

Tristan is passionate about craft beer and brewing culture. His taste is wide-ranging and he drinks Indiana beer exclusively when it is available. He’s a self-proclaimed tree-hugger who loves skiing, hiking with his dogs in the State forests, or almost anything active and outdoors.

Tristan enjoys talking with brewers and learning more about the unique characteristics of their businesses and communities.

Quirky fact: Once quoted in Cat Fancy magazine!

Contact Tristan:

Iris Dillon
Events Coordinator

Iris is brand-new to our team, and she brings us a wealth of leadership experience as an event manager. In fact, we’ve engaged her in the past to help with fest logistics. We are thrilled to have Iris on board.

Over the past 21 years, Iris has served as Event Director at the Madame Walker Theatre Center, Indianapolis Art Center, and most recently, the Carmel Center for the Performing Arts. The many events she has overseen include the Broad Ripple Art Fair (25,000 attendees, 4 music stages and 225 artist booths).

Iris is a life-long Indianapolis resident. She has two children, JaNae and Larry, and a granddaughter, Jaice.

In her spare time, Iris enjoys listening to music of all kinds, spending time outside, and running (although she’s quick to point out that it’s just for fun, not competitive).

New to the beer world, Iris enjoys trying new beers and looks forward to working with brewers at the Indiana Microbrewers Festival in July.

Quirky fact: Crazy for roller coasters!

Contact Iris:

and your brewery representatives…

Greg Emig

Greg represents Lafayette Brewing Company (a brewpub) on the Board of Directors. He has served on the board for many years and was elected president earlier this year.

Contact Greg:

Justin Miller

Justin represents Black Acre Brewing Company (an Indianapolis brewpub) on the Board of Directors. He was elected to the board in 2013.

Contact Justin:

D.J. McCallister

D.J. represents Black Swan Brewpub (Plainfield) on the board of directors. He was elected to the board in 2013.

Contact D.J.:

Roger Baylor

Roger represents New Albanian Brewing Company (a brewpub and a production brewery in New Albany). He has served on the board for many years.

Contact Roger:

Nick Davidson

Nick represents Tin Man Brewing Company (an Evansville brewpub) and was elected to the board in 2013.

Contact Nick: 812-457-3099 or

Jeff Eaton

Jeff represents Barley Island (Noblesville brewpub) and has served on the board for many years. He formerly served as Secretary.

Contact Jeff:

John Hill
President’s Council & Honorary Director

John is the founding president of the Guild who retired from many years of active service in 2014. John owns the Broad Ripple Brewpub (Indianapolis), Indiana’s oldest brewery.

Contact John:

Jon Lang

Jon represents Triton Brewing Company (Indianapolis production brewery with tasting room) and has served on the board since 2013.

Contact Jon:

Steve Llewellyn

Steve represents Function Brewing Company (a Bloomington brewpub) as a new member of the board. He was elected at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Contact Steve:

Jeff Mease

Jeff represents Bloomington Brewing Company (with brewpub and production brewery in Bloomington). Jeff was elected to the board in 2014.

Contact Jeff:

Ted Miller

Ted represents Brugge Brasserie (an Indianapolis brewpub) and Outliers Brewing Company (a production brewery in Indianapolis). A former Guild president, Ted was elected to the current term in 2015.

Contact Ted:

Shane Pearson

Shane represents Daredevil Brewing Company (a production-only brewery in Shelbyville, with a brewpub coming soon to Speedway). He was elected to the board in 2015.

Contact Shane:

Clay Robinson

Clay represents Sun King Brewing Company (a production brewery with tasting room in Indianapolis). He is the immediate past president of the board and has served for many years.

Contact Clay:

Blaine Stuckey

Blaine represents the Mad Anthony Brewing Company (a Fort Wayne brewpub). Blaine is a former Guild president and has served on the board for many years.

Contact Blaine:

Brett VanderPlaats

Brett represents People’s Brewing Company (production brewery with tasting room in Lafayette) and has served on the board since 2012.

Contact Brett:

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