Sunday, November 25, 2012

NABC at Keg Liquors for yesterday's Jingle Walk.

Yesterday's weather in downtown New Albany was nippy, but the sun was shining, and by most measurements the Holiday Fest and Jingle Walk should be judged a success. I was joined at Keg Liquors by the inimitable Tony Beard (being interviewed by Amanda Arnold in the photo), otherwise known as NABC's graphics department, and we dispensed eleven growlers of three types of NABC samples, a couple ounces at a time, to the jingle walkers.

When the Jingle Walk finished, the Holly Jolly Beer Trolley began circulating downtown. The trolley vehicle itself is owned by the city of Jeffersonville, which evidently acquired two and maybe more of them in an abortive effort to shuttle people from the Indiana shore to Yum Center for ballgames. Matt McMahan, owner of Irish Exit, Warehouse and Dillinger's, did the trolley legwork, and the participating bars and restaurants pitched in on the cost. We're hoping to do it again soon.

Taken as a whole, Friday and Saturday were good days for downtown New Albany. Plaid Friday (which I personally favor) and Small Business Saturday (less to my taste, owing to the American Express connection) both provided excellent opportunities to educate consumers about the importance of independent small business, and our burgeoning Buy Local movement. Holiday Fest, Jungle Walk and the Holly Jolly Beer Trolley brought people downtown, and the pubs and eateries benefited.

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