Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beer, food and art at Twenty Tap in Indianapolis.

Photo credit: Indy Star

Twenty Tap is my kind of place. It took too long for me to make my first appearance, but I'm hooked. In addition to having NABC on tap fairly often, Twenty Tap also has displayed a handful of Tony Beard's poster artworks. They're visible on the wall in the photo above.

On the Plate: Twenty Tap is catching on, by Jolene Ketzenberger (Indy Star)

... I like that sense of place. And I like that owner Kevin Matalucci was an owner of Northside News, the bookstore/cafe that used to occupy the Twenty Tap space. And maybe that's part of the hard-to- pin-down appeal.

Of course, there's also the beer.

Twenty Tap is up to 38 taps now, and Matalucci (a longtime brewer at Broad Ripple Brewpub) certainly knows his stuff.

And for many pub regulars, it's the main draw. It's definitely a craft beer crowd at Twenty Tap, though there's also wine by the glass and a very appealing pear cider on tap ...

... The food at Twenty Tap, while not consistently great, is firmly in the "good" category, and its gastropub fare (something better than typical pub grub) was needed in the neighborhood.

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