Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In 2012, thanks again to LEO Readers' Choice voters for thinking of NABC.

I don't personally encourage anyone to vote in various reader polls, and NABC refrains from asking its customers and fans to cast dozens of ballots for the sake of the cause. Some times we are mentioned, some times not … and some times, as an underdog from underrated New Albany, it just feels fine to be vindicated as a business by readers of a Louisville-oriented publication.

That’s why again this year I’m thanking the academy and happily contradicting my usual shtick by posting the following results in the LEO annual Readers’ Choice poll. Allow me to offer kudos to all of our employees, and also to the many folks who took the time to pick NABC. Thank you.

Best Restaurant (Southern Indiana)
1) New Albanian Bank Street Brewhouse
2) Sam's Food and Spirits
3) Buckhead Mountain Grill
Second year running, and we're very appreciative.

Best Beer List
1) Sergio’s World of Beers
2) Tony BoomBozz
3) New Albanian Brewing Company (Pizzeria & Public House)

Best Bloody Mary
1) Outlook Inn
2) New Albanian Bank Street Brewhouse
3) Against the Grain
Listed under the Nightlife heading, although the Bloody Mary bar runs only on Sunday morning. I suppose it's always nighttime somewhere.

Best Local Beer (replacing last year's "Best Local Brewery")
1) Bluegrass Brewing Co.
2) Cumberland Brews
3) New Albanian Brewing Co.

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