Thursday, December 22, 2011

NABC's brewing calendar for 2012 is taking shape.

Within the next few days, NABC will have a beer release schedule for 2012. Longtime observers will notice that this represents somewhat of a departure; obviously, we've always had a rough idea of what we'd be brewing, but it wasn't something I previously saw any urgency in reporting. For reasons great and small, I've changed my mind.

The schedule at Bank Street Brewhouse, the larger of our two breweries, is largely set for the coming year. At BSB, it's all about the bottles, so stay tuned.

At the R & D Brewery, which will be celebrating 10 years of brewing in 2012, we have several ideas up our sleeves. It will be necessary to slightly alter our usual routine during the coming year. For the moment, readers are asked to help me with a smidgen of non-binding research as to consumer preferences.

Rest assured, this is a controlled experiment. Of the following, which two do you prefer?

Abbey’s Dubbel
Kaiser 2nd Reising
Mt. Lee
Phoenix Komon
Pickman’s Pale Ale

Thanks. Comment here, or write me: roger(at)newalbanian(dot)com


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In my humble opine, one of the best nabc has made.

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The New Albanian said...

Thanks for the participation. I believe all of the beers listed above will be on the 2012 schedule. It's now a question of when and how much. By next week, it should be possible for me to publish the schedule for public consumption.