Friday, December 02, 2011

Link to the Baylor On Beer archive at Louisville Beer Dot Com.

My eighth Baylor On Beer column is up at Louisville Beer Dot Com, and I'm very pleased thus far with the web site's progress. Following are the two most recently published columns, and the link to the archive where all of them are located.

How To Have A Clue ... Once upon a time – actually, just the other day – a good friend of mine triumphantly announced that he’d finally landed the job of his dreams, working for one of the area’s preeminent package stores.

They’re Legislators, Not Logicians ... Last week I shuffled down to the drug store to buy a tube of toothpaste, and while waiting at the corner to cross the street, a Wal-Mart semi-trailer truck came barreling toward the intersection. There wasn’t enough room for him to make the turn, and I had to scurry for cover as those big wheels popped up on the sidewalk.

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