Monday, December 26, 2011

Highlights of NABC's 2012 Beer Release Schedule.

It isn’t that NABC never had a beer release schedule, it’s just that we’ve never gone to the trouble to organize it for public consumption … until now.

Go here for NABC’s 2012 Beer Release Schedule.
Go here for NABC’s 2012 Core Beer Portfolio.

Following are some 2012 talking points.


In 2012, we’re adding four seasonal beers to the 22-oz bomber bottle program, as brewed at Bank Street Brewhouse:

Hoosier Daddy
Black & Blue Grass
Le Diable
Naughty Claus

In observance of the brewery’s 10th anniversary in 2012, we’ll be brewing three “retro” beers from the past:

Turbo Hog

Another 10th anniversary beer, this one new formulated, is a Belgian-style Wee Heavy called Scotch de Ainslie. It honors Hew Ainslie (1792-1878), New Albany’s first-known commercial brewer. Scotch de Ainslie will appear in December, 2012, as a natural segue into New Albany’s bicentennial year of 2013. The Steamboat Common brewed in 2011 will reappear in 2013 as NABC’s official New Albany bicentennial ale.

In 2012, four beers (to be named) from the German stylebook will be brewed at the Pizzeria & Public House’s R & D Brewery:

Munich Dunkel (brewed already)
Wheat Helles Bock
Wheat Doppelbock

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