Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NABC’s 2012 Core Beer Portfolio.

For 2012, NABC’s full-time core portfolio will comprise those beers we're seeking to have on draft at the Pizzeria & Public House and Bank Street Brewhouse. Because there are fewer draft lines at Bank Street Brewhouse, and a narrower range of potential solutions, it may be the case than not all core portfolio beers pour there every day. Stay tuned; we may get creative as patio build-out work continues.

Go here for NABC’s 2012 Beer Release Schedule.
Go here for NABC’s 2012 Beer Release Highlights.

* Serving tank beers at the Pizzeria & Public House; will be served at Bank Street Brewhouse as often as possible.

+ Also available in 22-oz bombers for outside distribution

# Also available on draft for outside distribution

*Bat Out of Helles
#Beak’s Best
#Bob’s Old 15-B
#Community Dark
*Pickman’s Pale
*QuakerFoot and WeeFoot (rotating during cool and warm months)
#Tafel Bier
+#Tunnel Vision

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