Monday, September 05, 2011

My bar-side manner is questioned, and I am entertained.

Regular readers know that I'm a big fan of Robin Garr's longtime Louisville Restaurants Forum. It's a great meeting place, although like at most similar Internet agoras, ideas and threads can morph, mutate and travel in unexpected directions. As a case in point, I offer this: Roger Baylor/ABusch.

The thread began somewhat innocuously on August 11, and finally concluded on August 27. The original link was about the corporate scratching of backs in the run-up to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, and because we were readying to depart for the Great Taste, I was completely unaware of the thread's existence for several days.

I took some hits, had some defenders, and grinned broadly throughout. Of particular interest to me is viewing the recent emergence of a backlash of sorts against the tenets of localism.

Be forewarned: It's a full pint read, so pour a bracing craft brew, and enjoy the ride.

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