Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lammers: "Southern Indiana wineries offer variety and quality."

Bank Street Brewhouse has been selling Turtle Run Winery's locally crafted wines from inception, and will continue to do so. Some Huber products have been sprinkled in, too, as well as wines and ciders from the Thomas Family Winery in Madison. I'd still like to expand the local wine list, as was ventured briefly in the fall of 2009; my vision and reasoning remain the same, but we just haven't gotten there quite yet. We will.

On the trail of a good vintage: Southern Indiana wineries offer variety and quality, Braden Lammers (News and Tribune)

... The more recognition the wines receive, and as the reputation of the quality of wine that is being made spreads, the expectation is that the Uplands Wine Trail will become a destination for both locals and tourists.

But the initial step, getting people to leave their local wine shop or supermarket to visit the local wineries, may be the most difficult.

“That is the struggle, getting folks out to try local wines,” (Wilbert) Best said.

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