Tuesday, January 04, 2011

By popular demand: Comprehensive schedule for Office Hours with the Publican (through February 28).

Monday’s edition of Office Hours with the Publican was a hop lover’s walk in the park, complete with mighty trellises bursting with piney goodness and fresh springtime hop shoots gently cooked in real butter.

Okay, so perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit, but attendees toured the realm of Imperial India Pale Ale/Double IPA/San Diego Pale Ale and came away more than sated.

Next, having experienced the sublime, we follow the BJCP’s numerical order and alight at one of my least favorite stylistic neighborhoods, German Wheat and Rye Beer. In response to questions about the likelihood of altering the order of the journey and making a detour past these German warm-weather beers, the Poo-Bah has ruled.


If we follow the pre-marked pathway, we can arrive at Barleywines during Gravity Head, also setting aside certified Trappists for a night of their own. Here’s the tentative schedule:

Monday, January 10
Category 15 — German Wheat and Rye Beer
15A. Weizen/Weissbier
15B. Dunkelweizen
15C. Weizenbock
15D. Roggenbier (German Rye Beer) (no available examples)

Monday, January 17
Category 16 — Belgian and French Ale (minus certified Trappists)
16A. Witbier
16B. Belgian Pale Ale
16C. Saison
16D. Bière de Garde

Monday, January 24
Category 16 — Belgian and French Ale, continued (minus certified Trappists)
16E. Belgian Specialty Ale

Monday, January 31
Category 17 — Sour Ale
17A. Berliner Weisse
17B. Flanders Red Ale
17C. Flanders Brown Ale/Oud Bruin (?)
17D. Straight (Unblended) Lambic
17E. Gueuze
17F. Fruit Lambic

Monday, February 7
Office Hours takes a break so Roger can attend city council.

Monday, February 14
Category 18 — Belgian Strong Ale (minus certified Trappists)
18A. Belgian Blond Ale
18B. Belgian Dubbel
18C. Belgian Tripel
18D. Belgian Golden Strong Ale
18E. Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Monday, February 21
Certified Trappist Ale Night

Friday, February 25
Gravity Head 2011 (13th edition) begins.

Monday, February 28
Category 19 — Strong Ale
19A. Old Ale
19B. English Barleywine
19C. American Barleywine

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