Monday, January 17, 2011

Office Hours tonight: Belgian and French Ales from Category 16 (Part One).

We continue to follow the BJCP's numerical pathway with tonight's opening of Category 16, with two caveats as previously reported here: By popular demand: Comprehensive schedule for Office Hours with the Publican (through February 28).

First, 16E. Belgian Specialty Ale waits for its own night, next Monday, January 24.

Second, seeing as officially certified Trappist ales are scattered throughout the BJCP's listings and do not occupy their own category, we'll save them until the end, for one night, on Monday, February 21.

BJCP Category 16 — Belgian and French Ale

16A. Witbier
16B. Belgian Pale Ale
16C. Saison
16D. Bière de Garde

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