Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An assemblage of NABCs: It’s N.A.B.C.ieged III, beginning January 25.

The New Albanian Brewing Company has long embraced the metaphorical properties of innovation and inundation, and will continue these proud incantations on Tuesday, January 25, with the third incarnation of N.A.B.C.ieged.

This draft showcase at the Pizzeria & Public House (3312 Plaza Drive, New Albany) is all about us -- our NABC beers, as brewed at both our New Albany locations by brewers Jesse Williams & Jared Williamson, and David Pierce (Director of Brewing Operations).

Our brewers and their beers are the future of our business (and aesthetic) enterprise, and in 2011, the entire beer program at our traditional Pizzeria & Public House location is set to undergo an exciting metamorphosis as we reduce our carbon footprint, transition away from reliance on imports, and embrace an even greater advocacy of stylistic education, as reflected by the continuing gains of America’s craft beer revolution.

Including our own NABC revolution, hence: N.A.B.C.ieged III: Even More Than Before.

The idea is to have as many as possible of our own NABC beers on tap at one time at the Pizzeria & Pub (pour sizes and pricing to be determined). The event will last as long as the kegs do, and then we’ll begin preparations for Gravity Head, our annual paean to craft brewing’s outer extremities.

As during the inaugural N.A.B.C.ieged one year ago (a second edition was later held at Louisville Beer Store), we're showcasing these NABC drafts at the Pizzeria & Public House rather than Bank Street Brewhouse, for the simple reason that we have more available spouts for pouring. Last year’s record is 24. In 2011, we hope to beat it.

Given the amount of work required to swap all these kegs of beer and keep them pouring, say a silent prayer for brewer Jared Williamson, and beer managers Ben Minton and Eric Gray, who'll be doing the heavy lifting, literally.


The final lineup won’t be known until just before the curtain rises on January 25, but the list below is reasonably accurate.

Regulars (including *Session Series)
Beak’s Best
Bob’s Old 15-B
*Community Dark
*Tafel Bier
Tunnel Vision

Brewer’s Best Friend Series
Abby’s Dubbel
Elsa von Horizon

Footed Stout Series
Cloven Foot

Ackerman’s Imperial Double Stout (2011 Winterfest ReplicAle)
Amarillo (Single Hop)
Ancient Rage
Bonfire of the Valkyries
C2 New Albanian/O’Fallon/Schlafly collaboration)
Cascade (Single Hop)
Imperial Bonfire of the Valkyries
Le Diable Blonde
Le Douche Mentale
Oaked Ancient Rage
Oaktimus (16 months old?)
Saison de Houblon

Sour Rye Belgian Strong (pin)
Dry Hopped Abzug (firkin)
Scotch Black Grass (pin)

For further information, contact me:

Roger A. Baylor, Carnival Barker
New Albanian Brewing Company
Public House & Pizzeria
Bank Street Brewhouse
Cell: 502-468-9710
New Albany, Indiana

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