Friday, November 05, 2010

Twitter switch, and travel photos.

I've shifted my personal @newalbanian Twitter feed from Potable Curmudgeon to NA Confidential, and replaced it here at the beer blog with @nabcnews. This makes more sense, because I'm tending to tweet about local affairs and politics. Beer will continue to be in the mix, but now that I'm once again a member of the principled opposition to Hoosier fascism ... well, let's keep matters separate.

I wouldn't want the unprinncipled among us to confuse matters. Some already have.

Also, I've also posted a ton of past beer trip photos at Potable Curmudgeon Inc., my travel/consultancy Facebook page. Check them out at your leisure. Verily, there have been many good times.

My proposed 2011 European trips: In late June or early July, Bamberg Beercycling (Northern Bavaria), and then in September, Belgian Beer Hunting via motorcoach, including the hop fest in Poperinge. Each will be 7-8 day durations, minimum, and details are forthcoming as I get to them. Let em know if you're interested, and please pass along.

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