Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lloyd's wake will be held on Monday, November 29 in Prost at the Public House.

Since my "beer blog" readership differs slightly from that of NA Confidential, there are times when important events bear repeating, as in the case of the sad news that NABC's longtime friend and frequent co-conspirator, Lloyd Wimp, died this past Friday.

NAC has the story and two photographs

Here's the lowdown on the plans for Lloyd's wake, Version 1.0, but first, a bit of background.

“The Irish Wake (in Gaelic: Faire) is a traditional mourning custom practiced in Ireland. An integral part of the grieving process for family, friends, and neighbors of the deceased, Irish wakes are occasions that mix gaiety and sadness. The custom is a celebration of the life that had passed … " -- Wikipedia
Lloyd’s wake will be on Monday, November 29 from 5 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., at the NABC Public House (Rich O's), in the Prost special events wing.

The evening is intended for all ages. There'll be draft Guinness (per Lloyd's request), soft drinks and light snacks provided. For these and minimal other fixed expenses, there’ll be a donation jar. Of course, attendees can order food and drink, "Dutch Treat."

Leftover monies from the donation jar will be given to Lloyd’s family.

There’ll be music, too. I suppose what we need most at present is for all of you to gather photos for display. Please send digital photo files to me at These will be displayed as a slide show. We also can put traditional photographic prints on boards atop easels. All this can be worked out in the coming weeks, so for now, assemble your memorabilia and let me know what you have.

We appreciate suggestions. Lloyd provided clear instructions about the parameters of his wake, and we’ll try as best we can to stage it the way he wanted, and the way we would want is to be: As a celebration of his life.


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Van 1- Hall said...

sorry to hear about your, and New Albanys, lost. Way to adhere to his wishes and do him proud. I'm sure he is smiling down from somewhere, pint in hand.