Saturday, November 20, 2010

Late birthday wishes to Broad Ripple Brewpub.

The first time I went to Broad Ripple Brewing Company was in the mid-1990’s, and it reminded me so much of an authentic English pub that I had to pause and remind myself that I had no way of knowing this to be the case, having not yet visited England during the course of my European travels.

Ireland, yes ... not England.

My first visit beer hunting expedition to England soon followed, and at some point afterward, I finally had the pleasure of meeting BRBC’s founder, John Hill.

Ever since then, each time I have the pleasure of conversing with John, I’m reminded of the fellow standing next to me in the pissoir of the pub somewhere in rural Yorkshire, with whom I subsequently conversed for multiple pints without ever really understanding what he was saying to me in our purportedly common language.

Broad Ripple Brewing Company celebrated its 20th birthday last week. Please permit me to offer a belated “Happy Birthday,” or as they say it in Yorkshire, “Happy Birthday.”

Sorry, I just can’t do that accent.

Broad Ripple Brewpub's 20th Anniversary

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