Saturday, October 30, 2010

Survey link: What do you do when a bar is out of your favorite microbrew?

Readers, I received the following link from Stephen Jannise, with a request to read his essay and take the survey. My answer is to order something comparable, as I'm seldom willing to acknowledge a favorite. Another brief thought: Better contemporary technology and a less restrictive distribution regime certainly would help, but in the end, better education for bar personnel strikes me as an excellent short-term solution.


I thought you would be interested in a survey I'm hosting on my blog. I'm asking beer enthusiasts what they normally do when a bar is out of their favorite microbrew. You can find the survey here.

The survey coincides with an article I've written about the ways in which traditional methods of beer distribution continue to favor the major beer producers while putting the microbreweries at a disadvantage. Many bars can't afford to keep large quantities of craft beers rolling in on a regular basis. A few changes to the distribution model might help more bars afford more microbrews.

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