Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Founders Harvest, 3F Brew Doo, and Founders Devil Dancer headline Lupulin Land, today.

Lupulin Land Harvest Hopcoming continues today at the Public House. The program boasts hoppy topics for the edification of magic cone aficionados.

1. Today, we're tapping an unexpected Lupulin Land addition, a sixth-barrel of Three Floyds Brew Doo Harvest Ale.

2. But that's not all. A sixth-barrel of Founders Devil Dancer is being Randallized, i.e., fresh-hopped on its way from keg to glass.

3. And there's still more, in the form of a cask-conditioned (10 gallon) firkin of Founders Harvest Ale, which will be on the handpull.

By 5:00 p.m., all three should be pouring. Since not one of them is a conventional, "full" keg, plan accordingly. Which will go first? Come and be a part of the answer, not the question.

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