Thursday, August 05, 2010

Last day for Studio's at its current location apparently will be August 21.

Here is breaking Facebook news from the FlatHead Screw band. I've heard that increased rent is a bit part of the problem. Join me in wishing Trish the best as she searches for a new venue.

For well over a year and a half, we have had a bunch of fun with all of you playing at Studio's Grill and Pub in New Albany. It was a perfect summer venue! Outdoors, great food, great drinks and great FUN! But on August 21st, it will all end as Trish has decided to close Studio's to pursue another venture. But, she is ...not going quietly! In fact, we are proud to be there one last time with the Studio's Last Stand "Screw It" Party. Come join us as we give the entire Studio's gang a big ole FlatHead Screw Send-off into their new future. Enjoy the same great food and atmosphere. But let's turn it up a notch to Eleven for one great big night of Studio's fun.This is also part of the New Albany Beer Walk! We are working on drink and other specials for you. lets pack the place one more time.We will start playing at 9PM and rock till Midnight, but come early for dinner too.. But if you guys are still rockin .... who knows what we will do! FlatHead Screw .... Longer, Harder, Faster as we say.

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