Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inspirational Czech beer video.

There are times when it isn't all about diversity in terms of beer style and available choices, even if nowadays in the Czech Republic, there are many microbreweries producing a broader range of styles than before. A ginger-spiced beer I drank outside Prague in 2006 was perhaps the best such creation I've ever tasted.

The Czech lands remain a place to go and drink golden lagers, many of them sufficiently worthy to be included in the same breath as Budvar and Urquell, and some better. In the 1980's, I could have joyfully consumed these beers on a daily basis for the remainder of my life. In 2010, it gets boring, and fast, but the key to it all -- and why this video made me ache -- is the Czech Republic itself, its people and architecture and landscapes. I have so many warm memories of being there, enough to last forever.

Enjoy the video (in English). Thanks to Joe for the link.

Češi: Národ pivařů

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