Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enjoy Gravity Head 2010 and help Matt and Amy jump into the river to benefit the Special Olympics.

Submitted and fully endorsed by NABC management. If you have questions, send them to me and I will redirect to Matt and Amy.

Don’t drive into the river … help Matt Nash and Amy Weatherford jump into the river.

Support Special Olympics & Polar Plunge 2010.

Matt Nash will be providing rides home from the NABC Pizzeria & Public House on opening night of Gravity Head 2010 between 8:00 p.m. and ?, with donations going to the Special Olympics.

Matt Nash is a native of New Albany, local Tribune guest columnist and a strong supporter of using a designated driver. Amy Weatherford now calls New Albany home and will be setting up rides for patrons of Gravity Head. This will be his fourth year of participating in the polar bear plunge and her first.

The car has room for up to 4 people … (3 fit snug in back) but no one in the trunk, hehehe.

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