Monday, February 08, 2010

A busload of Gravity Head.

The Hoosier Beer Geeks are chartering a bus and coming to visit both NABC locations on March 6. I looked at the calendar this morning and realized that with 18 days to go until Gravity Head begins, it's time to get my lazy butt in gear and begin generating information -- but, as Augustine said, not just yet. Mike and I will work on the starting lineup this week, and I'll commence the compilation of the programs. This morning, there are other pressing matters awaiting my acumen, such as tonight's Office Hours.

One question was asked: Would there be flights of smaller pours when the HBG bus is parked outside? Customarily, no, but let me see what I can do. Perhaps a buffet of sorts ...

What Gravity Head Is, and Why You'd Want to Take a Bus There

We at Hoosier Beer Geek may be guilty of assuming too much from time to time, and it recently occurred to me that perhaps a deeper explanation of what this whole Gravity Head Bus Trip is all about.

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