Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturnalia MMVIII program available on-line for downloading.

Saturnalia starts at NABC on Friday, December 12, and here’s the link to the .zip file with the .pdf of the official program. I spotted a couple of typos after putting it on-line, but that’s okay.

Download the program

All of it was previewed here in November, but the .pdf can be printed out, and you won't have to wait until opening day to have a glance at it.

55 guest kegs are expected, with roughly 16 of them (including a firkin) pouring on opening night and the remainder appearing afterward, probably well into January. About half are already in stock, with another dozen coming next week. The rest will be trickling in throughout December.

Te starting lineup will be determined early this week, as Mike and I tend to the pricing.

Speaking of Mike, the beer manager will have a ballast-lightening Vintage Shop running during the opening weekend of Saturnalia, December 12 & 13. The shop will be located to the rear of Prost, and will have beers for carry-out purchase as drawn from the beer cellar and overstocks. Vintage beers available for purchase include various Stones, Bigfoots, Thomas Hardy's, Bell's, JW Lee's and a few Alaskan Smoked Porters. There are others; with luck, we'll have a cheat sheet out later this week.

There'll also be glassware and selected other goodies.

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