Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The orginal Mishawaka Brew Pub is closing, but beer will continue to flow.

From Bob Ostrander comes sad news, which is rendered doubly compelling for me when one considers that in 2009, NABC's original location on Grant Line Road in New Albany will be coping with the very same factors cited by the Schmidts, with the exception of the smoking ban (for a while, at least). I'm not as strident about the issue as Tom, but for us, the smoking ban (since vetoed) accompanied by the other factors would constitute a tough nut to crack in '09.

We, too, have greater restaurant competition, prospective road construction and the likelihood of higher property taxes for business.

Here's the overview from Bob: "The second oldest brewpub in Indiana, Mishawaka Brew Pub, is closing. But their other tap house, The Pub, and the new brewery in Elkhart will continue business as usual."

Strategic planning is a good thing. Wondering about the urgency of surmounting financing obstacles and getting a second revenue stream started at our Bank Street location? Wonder no more. Based on current realities, we're looking to open the tap room in February and the brewery in April or May ... about the same time that Grant Line Road construction gets under way.

Here's the Mishawaka press release.


The Brew Pub Ltd. restaurant located at 3703 North Main Street, Mishawaka will be closing at the end of business on December 3, 2008.

The last few years have been a struggle with the increased competition of an unbelievable number of new restaurants, the closing of Main Street for an extended period of time, high property taxes, the smoking ban and the current recession.

We had an extension on the smoking ban and went to no smoking in September, 2007. In the first year after going non smoking, sales decreased over $120,000. Politicians obviously know what is best for us. Just keep raising taxes and meddling in business operations and then complain about governments falling revenues.

Under the current conditions we decided that it was time to pull the plug on the life support.

It should be noted for those who are not familiar with our structure that The Brew Pub Ltd is a corporation separate from The Mishawaka Brewing Company and The Pub (located at 408 W. Cleveland, Mishawaka at the corner of Grape & Cleveland).

The Mishawaka Brewing Company has continued to grow and in 2006 we opened a production brewery in Elkhart, IN. We will be consolidating the two brewing operations at our Elkhart location. Distribution will continue unchanged.

The Brew Pub Ltd restaurant was opened on October 19, 1992 and has been operating for over 16 years. We will miss it dearly as it has been our home away from home.

Economic times are tough, but the beers of The Mishawaka Brewing Company will continue to flow. All brewing, bottling, pigging and kegging will now be done in Elkhart. All of the beer will still be available for carry out at The Pub and at the brewery location in Elkhart including growlers, kegs and Party Pigs.

Tom, Barbara, Rick & Tami Schmidt


The Original BBC Brewmaster said...

I remember when Tom accepted your invitation to a FOSSILS meeting. He showed up with a couple 1/6 bbl.s. I asked him why he'd make the long trip to NA, totally out of his sales area. He said he was afraid of what you'd write about him if he didn't show. This was pre-internets.

The beer was awesome and well received. I'm glad they'll keep brewing.

antzman said...

Too bad about Mishawaka. We are able to get their bottled beers, so it's nice to see that they will continue with that line of business. They are genuinely good people that run Mishawaka.

Road construction will be fun to deal with, but if you have a good product, people will still seek you out. We lived through the destruction and reconstruction of Lewis and Clark Parkway, and while painful for a time, it turned out for the best once it was done.