Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Victory six-pack is rendered deeply symbolic.

I emerged from the house this morning to find a six-pack of Victory Hop Devil in a paper sack on the porch. Seeing as the beer is an enduring favorite of mine, the ensuing elation is perfectly understandable. When I opened e-mail moments ago, there was a note from Ted, who lives around the block; seems a friend brought him a case straight from Pennsylvania, and Ted decided I should have a six-pack.

Forgive me for not yet noting that Ted's a wonderful man.

Reading between the lines, you'd be correct in inferring that a sixer of Hop Devil is a big deal because Victory beers are not distributed in the state of Indiana, but this will be changing soon. At the brewery's website, the availability map hasn't yet been altered, but below it the text reads:

World Class Beverages
3737 Waldemere Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
(317) 612-3105
Jim Schembre- General Manager

Indeed, my WCB rep recently told me that Victory was on the way to Indiana, and Ted's gift truly is a harbinger of good things to come.


See also: "Mr. Phillips, I presume?" (Part 2 of 2), the story of drinking Hop Devil in Vienna, Austria, in 2006. Yes, really ... sort of.


Blue Sunshine said...

I wish I emerged from my house to find a 6-pack of Hop Devil. You sir have great friends.

antzman said...

I emerged from my house to find a paper bag on fire this morning... it did not smell like Victory in there......

If you get a chance before you finish off that six pack, try a Browning's She Devil next to the Victory Hop Devil. They are surprisingly similiar, but that should be no big surprise considering Brian's past work at Victory.