Saturday, May 31, 2008

Progress for "Operation Progressive Pint."

On Tuesday night (June 3), New Albany's Board of Zoning Appeals will consider NABC's request for a variance at the site of the Bank Street Brewhouse.

On the rear of the building, to the right of the garage door, there's a concrete slab where we hope to build a cinder block grain storage room. Because this will abut the alley, we must be granted a variance. City planners have indicated that this shouldn't be an insurmountable problem.

Inside, the floor drains have been installed, and the plumbing for the restrooms and kitchen is in place.

Indeed, there's only one way to rock.

The timetable remains elusive. The tap room may or may not be open by Harvest Homecoming (second week of October), although we intend to have a beer tent in the parking lot for the festival, come what may. Either way, the brewery probably won't be operational until winter or early spring.

See also: Facade transformation at the future NABC Bank Street Brewhouse.

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