Friday, May 09, 2008

RockWall/NABC beer dinner coming in June.

Mr. and Mrs. Curmudgeon visited the RockWall for dinner on Thursday night, and as usual, the meal was first-rate.

It was a night that seemed appropriate for wine, so I didn’t have a beer, although lately the RockWall has been carrying an NABC draft (currently Mt. Lee, our California Common offering).

Just after the shrimp cocktail (and before the rack of lamb), two delicious sea scallops appeared on the table courtesy of the executive chef, Alex Bomba. He appeared later to chat, and we’re going to try and arrange a RockWall kitchen and NABC brewhouse beer dinner for a Wednesday or Thursday night in the latter half of June.

I haven’t checked the calendar yet, so stay tuned for further details, and don’t forget the RockWall. I’m straining to think of another bistro on the Indiana side of the river that offers what it does.

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