Sunday, May 25, 2008

Southern Indiana Uncorked was good for NABC, but the C-J sees only wine.

Don’t forget: All of NABC will be closed on Monday, May 26 for Memorial Day.

John Campbell and Tony Beard worked the NABC table at yesterday’s Southern Indiana Uncorked festival in Corydon. The preview appeared here last Friday:

Southern Indiana Uncorked: Beer and wine in Corydon, coming on Saturday, May 24.

John reports much success and a great turn-out. Meanwhile, the Courier-Journal managed to send reporter Harold Adams to Corydon, with his story appearing in today’s Sunday edition:

S. Indiana wine, beer showcased at tasting event.

The Harrison County Fairgrounds flowed with wine and beer and filled with hundreds of beverage enthusiasts yesterday for the inaugural Southern Indiana Uncorked tasting event in Corydon.

The story is accompanied by three photos showing wine being decanted and tasted, and none depicting the local brewery presence. There are one or two scant references to beer, but a broad discussion of local wine and wineries.

Now, perhaps Adams didn’t arrive until the final hour, when (according to John) the breweries had either depleted or chosen to depart. If this is not the case, his article is a disservice to the local breweries, and I’ll be forwarding this posting to him with a request for clarification.

Thanks to John and Tony for holding down the fort.

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antzman said...

You have to love the 3rd picture showing an attendee pouring their own sample.... in the immortal words of Judas Priest "Breakin the Law, Breaking the Law!"