Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New NABC bottled beer list posted at the web site.

The new bottled beer list for NABC/Rich O's/Sportstime has been posted at the website:

NABC's bottled beer menu .pdf

The end result isn't what I'd hoped. It's nothing more than a rehash of what we've done previously, with most new features deferred, but in the end there was an urgent need to incorporate the stocking and pricing changes before the summer festival and commitment schedule got completely out of control.

By fall, it is my aim to incorporate the long-anticipated changes, i.e., being able to identify style and a.b.v. for the beers, along with a one-sentence description, into the finished list. The logistics of resizing also proved problematic for the short term.

A final improvement will be the introduction of a stand-alone NABC house beer list, so as to give our own beers their due.


barenada said...

Isn't the facade red now?

The Homeroaster said...

I think it's a reddish terra cotta.
Yeah man, it really tied the two places together--

The New Albanian said...

Whaddya guys think about painting the brick in front?

I like painted brick. A nice Habsburg mustard yellow.

The Homeroaster said...

No way. Once it's painted, then you have to paint it over and over again. Think of the impact on the environment. Oh, and your pocketbook.
I think the brick looks good. I've always thought a cupola or something right in the corner above the RichO's door would add a bit of focus to the entrance. maybe the worlds largest beer stein.