Thursday, May 03, 2007

LEO on the "import invasion," and another "Mug Shots" archive addition.

Last week’s Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) included its annual “Nightlife” insert. Local free lancer Kevin Gibson, who over the years has contributed a number of worthy articles on the local beer scene, wrote this piece:

Nightlife 2007 - Does the import invasion mean farewell to ‘fizzy yellow beer’?

That high-quality, high-priced import you’re drinking? It might actually be more high-priced than high-quality — nevertheless, it carries an important connotation: The public, looking for something different, is drinking more imports and craft brews than ever. Craft beer sales rose nearly 12 percent in 2006, according to the Oregon-based non-profit Brewers Association, and data from a market research study suggests that beer drinkers are “trading up” because they see import and craft beers as an affordable luxury.

Kevin gives due props to Maido Essential Japanese owner Jim Huie and “Beer Dave” Gausepohl of Kentucky’s Bryant Distributing. Of course, the Curmudgeon is quoted, too. He adores the press.

Here’s the roundup on my recently published “Mug Shots” articles in LEO:

Mug Shots: 5 spots to get your brew on.
(May 2, 2007)

Mug Shots: Simple times called for Phoenix Kommon.
(April 18, 2007)

Mug Shots: Good beer isn’t hard to find.
(April 4, 2007)

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